Barnstable Club Technician License Course in a Weekend Held January 13-14

All 14 of the attendees at the Tech in a Weekend course held by the Barnstable Amateur Radio Club (BARC) and performed at the Cape Cod Fish and Game Club in Harwich the weekend of January 13 and 14 successfully passed their tests at the end of the course.  The BARC team consisted of five teachers, each teaching two sub-elements and two VE teams.  Instruction was supplemented by downloaded U-tube videos. Opportunities to ask questions both during and after the instruction were provided.  An orientation session was held two weeks prior to the course to help the students prepare.  All students obtained the ARRL Technician License Manual in advance of the course and used it frequently both before and during class.  

In recognition of its status as a Special Service Club, BARC recently created an Education Committee to develop teaching experience, seek out opportunities to hold classes at all levels and generally coordinate club educational activities.  This weekend was the first course taught by BARC in several years, following the death of Paul Laconto, W1NP, and is dedicated to his memory.