Recommended for Minecraft Fans: “Radio Craft” on the Live Free and Ham Podcast, September 14, 2023

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The “Live Free and Ham” channel has posted an interview with Lucas about RadioCraft; you can see it at
George K1IG

Eric Pfeifer, N1JUR, writes:

For those that went to the HamXposition you may have seen a presentation on MineCraft, we have some great news to share. 

Don’t miss out on this show if you or your family are fans of Minecraft! Lucas, W1BTR, the designer and developer of Minecraft Mod “Radio Craft” will be featured. He will explain how this mod brings the world of ham radio into the virtual world of Minecraft allowing players to experience it. This is a great idea to get more people involved in radio communications as Lucas has designed the mod to behave and work as closely as possible to real world experience. 

Come support a young man build bridges to close the gap of STEM and RF ham radio through game play. 

The Live stream is on Thursday [September 14, 2023] at 8 pm on our YouTube channel (Live Free and Ham)

Please feel free to spread the word!