June 2023 Maine eNews

ARRL logoKQ1L Memorial Service

You probably heard that one of Maine’s most well-known hams passed away recently, Dave Hawke KQ1L, from Augusta.  Dave’s Celebration of Life is scheduled for June 17 at 1 pm at North Monmouth Community Church, 151 N Main St, North Monmouth. Finger sandwiches, sweets & drinks to follow at the church.

LD-697 Update

The effort by many of Maine’s amateur radio operators to get an exemption for amateur radio and public safety communications in LD-697: “Resolve, to Study the Effects of 5G and Other Non-ionizing Radio Frequency Radiation-emitting Technology on Bird, Bee, Insect and Other Wildlife Populations and the Effects of Long-term Exposure on Children” unfortunately failed. 

However, the bill is currently tabled, and because of its far-reaching objectives and fiscal requirements, may stay tabled until the January legislative session, or it could be taken off the table and be voted on by the full legislature in the next few days. Since all of amateur radio transmissions are categorized as “non-ionized” radio frequency emissions, it is in our best interest, in many hams’ opinions, that this bill not be approved. It couldn’t hurt if each Maine ham wrote a short polite email to their Maine state representative and state senator asking them to oppose LD-697. If it were to pass and the “independent” commission determined that RF emissions affect birds, bees, wildlife and children, then legislation would likely follow that would restrict and regulate all wireless communication services, including ham radio. Maine ARRL State Government Liaison Peter Hatem, KC1HBM, and I have both talked to legislators in the past couple days who feel there is not the appetite to pass such a broadly written bill at this time, but you never know!

You can find out who your state representative and senator is and their contact info here: https://legislature.maine.gov/.

Field Day 2023!

Yay! Field Day is just about here! June 24-25 is the Field Day weekend.  Some clubs will setup on Friday. You can check out the Field Day Locator on the ARRL web site here: https://www.arrl.org/field-day-locator. Hopefully all Maine clubs/groups have listed their FD here so folks can find them.

Clubs/groups can send the section manager/section emergency coordinator message (100 bonus points) to N1EP or KE4UCW on the Maine Seagull Net Saturday at 5pm on 3940 kHz or on the Maine Public Service Net same frequency Sunday morning at 9am. If N1EP or KE4UCW are not on the net (may be traveling to different FD sites) then another designated ham will take the traffic for them. Alternatively, you can send the messages via Winlink as long as it leaves the FD site via RF.  n1ep@winlink.org or ke4ucw@winlink.org. If you can find a packet radio path Downeast, then you could also send it to me that way, my packet mailbox is n1ep-1.

Field Day DMR.  Even though QSO points are not awarded for repeater/internet contacts, it doesn’t mean we can’t link up on Sunday, June 25 at 10am and check into the Maine Dirge DMR Net and see if we can link up hams at FD sites and other locales from Fort Kent to Kittery! Let’s break the net’s record!

VE Exams

Even though it is not required, all Volunteer Examiner groups in Maine that are scheduling ARRL VE sessions should post the info on the VE session locator https://www.arrl.org/find-an-amateur-radio-license-exam-session and also share that info with N1EP so that it can also be posted on the Maine ARRL web and Facebook pages. It is very frustrating to a person who travelled quite a distance to take an exam only to find out one had just been given in their area but the clubs/VE teams do not publicize it for some reason. This actually happens quite a bit in Maine. Everyone benefits if the sessions are posted and promoted.

ARRL Maine Section
Section Manager: Philip W Duggan, N1EP