Antenna and Tower Work at Providence Radio Association, W1OP, July 25, 2022

Vic Farmer, NE1Y, writes on the Providence Radio Association Facebook page on July 25 2022:

Between trees growing into the tower guy wires and vines tangling the guys … there was a lot of cleaning up to do at W1OP.

The main attraction this morning at W1OP was to clear out the tree that broke one tip of the longest element on the Log Periodic Dipole Array. All the surrounding land was pretty well cleared when the clubhouse was built in the 1950s, but now it is a forest and jungle with vines. The workers were very careful to make sure the tree did not fall on the clubhouse. Fortunately, [David “Tess” Tessitore,] K1DT, found the broken tip and it will be reattached.