“The Big Stew,” December 18, 2021

Yankee Clipper Contest Club logoGreg, W1KM writes on the YCCC mailing list:

Just a reminder that the Big Stew (formally the Stew Perry Top Band DX Challenge) starts at 15Z, though for us for us it practically begins around 3:00 PM.   Great rules and activity, lots of 160m CW fun and challenge.   Several YCCC’ers, including K1EP, K1KI and W1UE are regular top scorers and will greatly appreciate calls. This contest has distance and power based scoring, so you get extra points if you work qrp stations. The exchange is simply your character grid square.  (No 5NN needed!).  One tip:  have a grid square map of the US handy (and of western Europe if you have a good antenna). 

There are a bunch of interesting plaques, including one sponsored by K1EP for top score for ‘youth’ under 25 that went to a very modest score last year.  So if either (do we only have 2??)  of our young hotshots want a classy plaque they might consider going for it.

As with all contests, the organizers, who do a terrific job with reporting the results, greatly appreciate all log entries. Plus the only way operators can get extra credit for low power and qrp qso’s is by cross-checking with submitted logs. 

Also today (just started!) is the Croatian CW contest—everybody works everybody, 160-10, with plenty of action from all of Europe.   K1ZZ is regularly a top scorer with well over 1000 qso’s and Dave will undoubtedly appreciate calls from YCCCers, even if only worth one point.

Greg W1KM