K1SSN Sub Base Radio Station Needs Help

USS NautilusHarrison Solt, N1FAM, writes on the Radio Amateur Society of Norwich (CT) mailing list:

While the [U.S. Naval Submarine Base, located in Groton, Connecticut] station has been reestablished and their towers and antennas restored, they recently lost their callsign (K1SSN) custodian/trustee.  Bob, K1RJV, of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, was the custodian for many years.  For the past couple of years Rich, NL9H, of Green, Rhode Island, was the custodian. 

Currently the station is maintained by Air Force MARS members led by Ted, K1YON of Hartland, Connecticut (NW corner of the state).  Ted and his team are about two hours from the base.  Ted is looking for help from a local ham or one of the local clubs to pick up the call and assist/manage the station.  The individual does not need to be military.  Access to the base is not an issue.  If help is not found, the callsign will be lost and the equipment surplussed.

This is an idea opportunity for one of the local clubs to partnership with the base and very likely grow both clubs (the local club and the base club).  If not one of the clubs, perhaps someone out there is interested in coming to the aid of this historic station.  There are many possibilities here.  Can you help?  If so please answer this post and contact Ted, K1YON at k1yon@juno.com.  This is an important issue that needs help.

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  1. This is Ed Snyder W1YSM. I am President of the Meriden Amateur Radio Club in Wallingford, CT.
    I am not sure what, if anything, our Club could do to help save the Station. I suggest a Zoom or conference call to discuss, among interest Hams/Clubs. Perhaps W8ZY Mike from ARRL –now the Field Service Manager can join, as well as Phil Temples. Let me know thoughts. This may need a statewide or Northeast multi-state effort??

    Ed W1YSM

  2. Ed
    My apologizes. I just saw your August posting. I was searching for some history on the Sub Base Club and Call K1SSN. Unfortunately not much surfaced.
    Thank you for the Zoom meeting suggestion. I have forwarded this link to the MARS Team and the Call Trustee.
    Take care, stay safe and healthy and thanks for your input. I know help is out there we just need to bring it to bear.
    73, Harrison N1FAM

  3. I am Bob MacDonald KB1EBC. I lived in Dunedin FL., but I am originally from Westbrook CT and send a lot of time up here in Quaker Hill CT. I may still know some people up here. Let me poke around and see what I can find before we give up hope.
    I also was friends with a former custodian, Gerry Scrano 1ZM


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