West Connecticut Hamfest & Swap, Newtown, CT, August 29, 2021

Electronics and Amateur Radio Hamfest: August 29, 2021

Sponsored by the Candlewood Amateur Radio Association

Contact: John Morelli

Telephone: 203-417-0160

Email: W1JGM@arrl.net

Website: hamfest.cararadioclub.org

We are back for 2021, Candlewood Amateur Radio Association (CARA) will be hosting the Western Connecticut Hamfest and Swap meet on August 29th from 8 am till 1PM. This annual event is held at the Edmond Town Hall, at 45 Main Street, Newtown, CT. This is “The Biggest Little Hamfest in Western CT” and is sure to have plenty for all electronics, maker, and Amateur Radio enthusiasts.

Every year, enthusiasts from the greater Danbury area and surrounding states gather to swap gear, knowledge, and stories. This year there will be an amateur radio license testing session (9:30 am) as well as a presentation about emergency communication and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) at 10:30AM. Get those books out and get, or upgrade, your FCC Amateur Radio license at the same time you look around and find that piece of tech you can’t go home without.

There will be electronics and radio equipment vendors, tailgating, and refreshments as well. Door prizes will be announced periodically, You are entered with your admission ticket. Raffle tickets will be sold for some great gear as well.

There are still spaces available for tailgate sales spots or tables in our indoor area. At $15 and $20, respectively, these spots include one admission each. Get rid of that gear you don’t use anymore. There is sure to be someone there interested in your unused computer, electronic or radio gear. Regular admission is $7 at the door ($1 discount with the flyer, available at our website). Kids under 12 are free!

For further information go to hamfest.cararadioclub.org or contact John Morelli W1JGM at W1JGM@arrl.net<mailto:W1JGM@arrl.net> or 203-417-0160.