Ham Callsign Plates Problematic For NH EZPass

MA ham operator plate sampleGeorge Harlem, VA2EBI/ W1EBI writes on the YCCC list:

This is new.  I have had my callsign license plate for several years.  It seems always to be recorded at gas stations as “W1/EBI”, but that lightning bolt after the W1 is giving EZDriveMA trouble.  I got an invoice from NH EZPass for a trip through the Hampton tolls last month, based on their plate camera, but MA EZPass says there is nothing wrong with my transponder. 

The customer service rep told me my plate should not have been listed with a slash since that character can’t be processed by their computer!  We usually take my wife’s Jeep to Maine, but I know I have driven my Chrysler sedan to Maine numerous times and have never received an invoice from NH.  The rep at MA EZPass told me not to pay the NH invoice, she is going to have supervisor look into this.

So does anyone else in Massachusetts with their call sign license plate have a similar story?

George W1/EBI on the car, VA2EBI on the air