Maine Virtual Hamfest, March 6, 2021, 9 AM-4 PM

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It may be bitterly cold outside, but things are starting to heat up in Maine on the hamfest front! We are long overdue for one. Joe Grace (W1SK) and I [Cory, KU1U] have been feverishly working to put together a virtual hamfest since all of the in-person events are still being cancelled due to the CoronaVirus. 

We hope this will be a successful event that can capture the interest of hams in Maine. I am pleased to announce that Dr. Bob Heil (K9EID) will be presenting at this event! We will also have various stateside talent providing talks on SKYWARN, FT8, Antenna discussion and an ARRL Forum so folks are aware of what is going on around the State and at the New England/national level at ARRL. 

There will be an opportunity for clubs and groups to have their own meetings during talks as well. If your group is interested in reserving a virtual room to have a meeting please follow this link to fill out the form. Hamfest Meeting Room Request Form. 

This event is FREE. I know that price pleases many people and why wouldn’t it? Please understand that the conference talks will be limited to 1000 people. We are asking that people register so that we can have a headcount of how many people to expect to attend virtually. 

Beyond conference talks and meetings, there will be an “Eyeball QSO” room to visit. 99% of hams typically go to a hamfest to socialize and chat with others. Why should this virtual event be any different? One additional feature that we have included is an IRC chatroom for those who may be mic/camera shy. Joe has put his technical know-how to work and embedded the Freenode #mainehams IRC chat room into the hamfest website so it will be easy for people to access and say hello. 

We are excited to provide this opportunity for knowledge and camaraderie and look forward to seeing everyone soon! Please be sure to register for the FREE Maine Virtual Hamfest!

Maine Virtual Hamfest Registration Form


73 DE KU1U & W1SK

Maine Virtual Hamfest Co-Chairs