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International Space StationThis page contains links to media stories covering the ham radio booth (“Project Big E”) and the ARISS contact (“BIG E Space Chat”).

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On September 23, The BIG E Facebook page posted this story:

The September 25 issue of The BIG E newspaper (“The Daily Chick-E Sez”) is carrying a photo of the earth from outer space superimposed with a daily countdown and the text “SPACE CHAT LAUNCHING IN … AN OUT OF THIS WORLD EXPERIENCE IS ALMOST HERE!”

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New England students at the Big E Arena will make live radio contact with an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) as it orbits 260 miles above the Earth, traveling at 17,500 mph. The specific date and time will be determined by NASA and is expected to be between Sept. 27 and Sept. 29. The date and time will be announced at and on social media.

As part of an educational program intended to promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities, the Space Chat is an out-of-this-world opportunity brought to students and Big E fairgoers by amateur (ham) radio operators. Thirteen students from New England Sci-Tech of Natick have been selected to take part in the contact experience at the Big E.



A live chat is being hosted at The Big E fair with astronauts on the International Space Station.

Students from New England Sci-Tech of Natick will have a “Space Chat” with Amateur (Ham) Radio Operators. This event allows 13 students from Sci-Tech of Natick to talk to an astronaut on the ISS as it orbits 260 miles above the earth, traveling at 17,500 miles per hour.

Morning Gag Clips

The story about the ham radio event at the Big E (New England’s big fair) is making it into the agriculture news stream, along with other hot topics such as:
“National Association of Wheat Growers applauds rail agreement”
“USDA to measure quarterly bee colony loss”
“Racing to the roots: Soil moisture impacts the speed of nematodes”
“The Big E to host a live space chat with International Space Station”


The Sun Chronicle, Attleboro, MA

“The Big E returns to West Springfield Sept. 16 to Oct. 2. Musical attractions include Dropkick Murphys, G-Eazy, Brantley Gilbert, Nelly, Sublime and more. Other attractions include a return of Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula Showcase, the Big E Space Chat Experience, and signature food including the Big E Cream Puff and Craz-E Burger, a farmers market and wine barn, and a 600-pound butter sculpture. There’s also a horse show, ox pulling and sheepdog trials. For full details and tickets, go to

Things to Do in the Foxborough Area and Beyond | around the city

“… Other attractions include Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula Showcase, the Big E Space Chat Experience …”