Remote Ham Radio to Donate Remote Station Access to Project BIG E Special Event Station N1E

Remote Ham Radio logoProject BIG E Coordinator Larry Krainson, W1AST, has announced a new sponsor of the BIG E booth and special event station: Remote Ham Radio (RHR). RHR has offered a donation of 17 days of RHR service for the N1E station at the booth in West Springfield, MA.

“From the beginning, Remote Ham Radio has strived to promote on-air activity by making operating more accessible than ever before,” writes Rockwell Schrock, WW1X. “Given the technical challenges and compromises involved in setting up an on-site station at the fairgrounds, a fully-remote station is a pragmatic solution to give a voice to the special event station. We are happy to support the Big E project and expose thousands of attendees to this cutting-edge facet of Amateur Radio.”