Last Call for Boston Marathon Volunteers, Deadline is February 18, 2022


The Boston Marathon Amateur Radio team is still in need of about 50 additional volunteers to fill our nearly 300 assignments.  The BAA volunteer registration deadline is this Friday, February 18 at 5:00 PM EST.  The BAA has told us that this is a firm deadline for this year.

If you are still undecided, we encourage you to register now; you can discuss any questions you may have with us and if you decide this is not for you this year you can withdraw between now and the end of March.

If you have not previously volunteered and want to chat about what we do, what is expected of us, and what equipment you might need, please do not hesitate to drop us an email.

Registration Links:
BAA registration can be accessed via the BAA web site specifically in the “Athletes’ Village” section.

Step by Step Sign Up Guide:

If you have any questions about the upcoming volunteer registration period, or the 2022 Marathon generally, please get in touch anytime. Volunteering at the Marathon is a big job and we appreciate the time and effort everyone puts into it. We’re happy to do what we can to make your work fun, comfortable, and effective.

We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Thank you, and 73,

Boston Marathon Communications Committee

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