ARRL Board of Directors Standing Orders Organized by Subject

The New England Director, Fred Hopengarten, K1VR, a member of the ARRL Board’s Legal Structure Committee, has posted the Board’s Standing Orders grouped by subject and with a Table of Contents – so as to make the Standing Orders more accessible. In releasing this version, he announced:

“The ARRL Board of Directors Standing Orders have always been public. They are the result of votes taken by the Board and recorded in the minutes. But for some time now, they have also been secret, available only to Officers, Directors, and Vice Directors. The Standing Orders, grouped by subject and with a Table of Contents, have not been edited for clarity. That will come later, but work has already begun.

A huge thank you to Don Arthur, K1DCA, of Brewster, MA, for taking on this challenge initially. He’s done a great job.

A new, edited-for-clarity, version of the Standing Orders  will soon go to the Legal Structure Committee. If members have suggestions for re-wording, this would be a good time to participate and submit those suggestions. This continues to be a work in progress, all with the aim of making members better informed.”   

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